New Service - Name Your Station!
Many model stations have fictional names, and providing authentic looking platform names can be a problem. We are pleased to offer a bespoke station name service – simply send us your chosen name and choose a style from the examples shown below. Each sheet consists of two large running-in nameboards, eight platform nameboards and around 20 small repeater boards for lamp-posts and walls – examples of each are pictured below. When ordering please write the name EXACTLY as you would like it to appear, including punctuation (i.e. Chester le Street or Chester-le-Street). Typeface is standard lower case unless specified otherwise. Names are supplied as a sheet that require cutting out and fitting to nameboards (not supplied). Ordering is easy - simply e-mail the name of your station, order code (see below) and contact details. We will then send a Paypal invoice for safe and secure payment by credit or debit card (you do not need to be a Paypal member to use this service). Your sheet will made up, generally within a week and posted back to you. P&P is included in the stated prices. Currently this service is only available for 'OO' gauge.

BRITISH RAIL INTERCITY: This style features the standard BR signage with the application of red bands top and bottom. Introduced with sectorisation at mainline stations served by InterCity trains in the mid 80’s, and gradually replaced with privatisation schemes from the late 90’s. Order code: IC. £5.00

REGIONAL RAILWAYS: These were fitted to all provincial stations from the mid 1980’s. Many are still in use today despite the encroachment of privatisation schemes. Order Code RR. £5.00

GREAT WESTERN TRAINS: One of the first privatised operators to adopt a new livery, GWT applied green bands to it’s station names from the late 1990’s. Suitable for stations on GWT routes out of Paddington. Order Code: GW. £5.00

GNER: Another operator to add it’s own stamp to existing signage was GNER on the East Coast Main Line until it's demise in 2007. Names were originally banded with the company’s orange (as shown) later changing to dark blue. Please specify orange or blue when ordering – if no distinction is made we supply orange as standard. Order Code: GO (Orange) or GB (Blue). £5.00

BRITISH RAIL: Introduced as part of the ‘Corporate Era’ in 1965, these station names became the standard signage for the next 30 years across the country. Black text on a plain white background made them highly visible and clear to passengers. Order Code: BR. £5.00

NETWORK SOUTH EAST: The colourful NSE scheme took the travelling public by storm in 1986 with the relaunch of the South East communter routes. Order Code: NS. £5.00

ADD ON DETAILING PACK: We can also supply a comprehensive sheet (size approx A5) of station detailing signs to complete your station. The pack includes a large BR sky-sign (still widely used today outside most stations, regardless of operator) plus platform numbers and other useful signs for the platform with directions, warning signs, crossings signs, and a selection of poster advertisements to brighten up the station. Also included are a set of Special Notices advising passengers of forthcoming engineering works and even a replacement bus service! Available only as an add-on to sets of Station Names. Order Code:AD. £3.00

E-mail Your Order From Here
Ordering is easy. E-mail your chosen station name, in the exact form that you would like on your nameboards including punctuation (ie, Chester le Street or Chester-le-Street). Please include your name, email address and contact details. We will send you a Paypal invoice for safe, secure payment by credit or debit card (you do not need to be a Paypal member to use this service). Once payment is accepted will we create your sheet of station names and post them to you. Turnaround is usually around one week, but please allow longer at busy times.