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L92 CHAINLINK FENCE PACK. Make 3 feet of chainlink fencing with this kit. Contains 30 whitemetal fence posts, a sheet of easy-cut wire mesh and a length of fine nylon wire for tension and barbed wire strands. The posts have pre-drilled holes to accept the nylon wire and the mesh is easily applied to the posts using superglue.

SMALL INDUSTRIAL UNITS: There are three types of small unit available in low relief format; ideal for industrial backscenes. This one shown here is L85 with a closed roller shutter door; L86 features an open roller shutter whilst L84 has a solid wall for an end unit. Units are available singly, or in a three pack of one each as L87. Finish off your units with detailing pack L93, Industrial Unit Signage, which gives a choice of four different company names, plus a selection of Health & Safety Signs – examples are depicted here.

LARGE WAREHOUSE / DISTRIBUTION DEPOT / FACTORY: For large industrial facilities try this large warehouse unit, available as solid wall as shown, or with a brick base and fire exit door (L88). Detail your building with sheet L94 which includes four large company names, fire exit doors to fit the moulding in L88 plus Health & Safety Signs.

LARGE WAREHOUSE / DISTRIBUTION DEPOT WITH ROLLER SHUTTER DOORS: As above, but featuring a pair of roller shutter doors large enough for train or lorry access. Ideal for a road / rail freight interchange facility, or road served distribution depot. Detail your building with sheet L94 which includes a choice of company names plus essential Health & Safety Signs.

L104 PACK OF 3 PALLETS and L105 HAND PALLET TRUCK. Two essential industrial accessories are pallets and hand pallet trucks. Some of these dotted around a yard or factory will really help bring your layout to life. A fork lift truck makes an ideal accompaniment for these items (L101).

L101 FORK LIFT TRUCK: Essential accessory for all industrial facilities.

L107 CCTV CAMERA KIT. CCTV is everywhere, and this versatile kit will make up four cameras with components included for wall mounting as the main picture shows, or on a pole for freestanding use (inset). Superbly detailed as this close up shot shows.

L113 ROLL CAGE YORK TROLLEY. Trollies like this are widely used in many sectors of the distribution industry to facilitate rapid loading and unloading of lorries. They are also used by Royal Mail as ‘York’ trollies for road / rail operations. They can often be found round the back of shops in between deliveries, and make a nice scenic addition to layouts.